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by Yaya Maria |


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Ever noticed the ingredients in conventional dish soap?

They’re packed with harsh chemicals such as:


- Formaldehyde

- Acrylate

- Artificial colors

- Artificial fragrances...

...among many other toxins, some of which have been linked to cancer.

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Think you can simply wash off those toxins with water?

Think again.

Petrochemicals in dish soap form a film on your dishes that is hard to remove.

That's why toxins are getting stuck to your dishes.

Now they mix in with your next meal and end up inside your body where they harm your health.

But there’s a simple solution.

Watch this video:


Yaya Maria’s all-natural dish soap is made from just 6 all-natural ingredients that even your great-grandmother would understand:

- Distilled water

- Vegetable glycerin

- Coconut oil

- Potash

- Castor oil

- Lavender essential oil

That’s it... and it really works!

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No more chemicals on your dishes that mix in with your next meal.

Just 100% safe and nontoxic dishes!

And Yaya Maria’s can do so much more than just dishes.

It also works great on:

- Sinks

- Bathrooms

- Tiles

- Vinyl flooring

- Patio furniture

- Kids' toys and lots more.

Yaya Maria’s all-natural dish soap is certified cruelty free and vegan, it’s made with 100% renewable energy and our manufacturing site creates zero waste to landfill.

Other benefits are:

- Biodegradable formula

- Recyclable packaging

- Suitable for septic tanks

- Great for families with kids

- Works on baby bottles

- Made in USA

And the formula naturally discourages bacteria growth which means your dish sponge won’t turn smelly!

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