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Yaya Maria's Flies off the Shelf in Your Store

by Yaya Maria |

How to Sell Out of Yaya Maria's in 3 Days

Today we have an exciting case study to share with anyone wondering whether their customers would enjoy Yaya Maria's All-Natural Dish Soap.

But first...

Yaya Maria's Bulk Wholesale

What's so different about Yaya Maria's?

Most dish soaps include toxic ingredients - even, unfortunately, many dish soaps that market themselves as "natural":

Chmicals in conventional dish soap

There's a better way.

Yaya Maria's All-Natural Dish Soap is made from just 6 all-natural ingredients that everyone can recognize:

Nontoxic dish soap

That's it!  And best of all, it really works.

Customers around the US are discovering that our amazing all-natural formula finally gives them a safe option for washing their dishes.

And if you think about it, it makes sense: what you put on your dishes ends up in your food. 

This 1-minute video explains how:


People who are interested in chemical-free living pay extra money for organic food.  Why would they then want to serve it on dishes with chemical residue?

The answer is that they don't.

Do customers really want chemical-free dishes?

You bet they do.

Here's what real Yaya Maria's customers have to say:

Yaya Maria's sells great in stores

Yaya Maria's natural dish soap works great

People love Yaya Maria's

Sounds good, right?

But you have a small store.  How is it going to sell?

Consider the following case study.

How to make Yaya Maria's fly off your shelves

Forrest Green Farm is a farm store in beautiful Louisa, VA.

Forrest Green Farm sells Yaya Maria's

You might notice that, besides being absolutely gorgeous, there's probably not too much foot traffic going on, right?

The Farm Store ordered a starter pack of 10 bottles of Yaya Maria's on August 31.  When their order arrived, as we always do with our new customers, we sent them a free Yaya Maria's social media package and a free shelf talker via Faire (our b2b platform) to help them market the new product:

Yaya Maria's is the most natural dish soap

Yaya Maria's nontoxic dish soap

The folks from Forrest Green Farm then posted the material to their social media accounts, and also added a product photo of their own:

Yaya Maria's natural dish soap post

Yaya Maria's on Facebook

The customers responded immediately:

Yaya Maria's Facebook comments

You can see how excited the customers got!

And that was on Thursday.

By Saturday we received this message:

Yaya Maria's natural dish soap sells fast

They sold out in just 3 days.

Easy as that.

Yaya Maria's can fly off the shelves at your store, too.

If you want to try out Yaya Maria's in your store, there's a way you can get your first order of Yaya Maria's FREE if you don't yet have a Faire account. (You read that right: totally free).

We've partnered with, a marketplace that connects brands like ours with stores like yours.  We like that Faire never sends annoying marketing emails, and they also don't charge buyers like you any fees.

If your store signs up to Faire for the first time, they will give you a $100 voucher.  You can use this voucher to purchase your first Yaya Maria's product order free (and still have plenty left on the voucher to use later).You would also get free shipping on Yaya Maria's products for an entire year.

A 10-count starter pack of Yaya Maria's is just $45, meaning with your sign-up voucher, you can get your first order entirely free, and have another $55 left to also get your second order free. (And did we mention the free shipping?).

Finally, once your voucher is used up, Faire automatically offers buyers Net60 terms for all payments.


Here's why customers love Yaya Maria's:

- A-rated by the EWG for non-toxicity

- Made from just 6 non-toxic ingredients that customers understand

- Ingredients: distilled water, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, potash, castor oil & lavender essential oil

- No phthalates, parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals or ANY other bad stuff

- No chemical residue on dishes

- The safest choice for families with kids

- Best dish soap for baby items

- Won’t dry out skin

- Keeps hands soft, and so gentle on skin that it doubles as hand soap

- Multipurpose: also works great for cleaning sinks, bathrooms, tile & vinyl flooring, and more

- Mild fragrance

- Naturally discourages bacteria growth

- No more smelly dish sponge!

- Biodegradable

- Suitable for septic tanks

- Manufacturing site creates zero waste to landfill

- Packaging is recyclable

- Produced with 100% wind energy

- Leaping Bunny Program certified cruelty-free

- Certified vegan by PETA

- Naturewatch Foundation endorsed

- Made in small batches

- Made in the USA by a small family business

Let's do this!

If you're ready to let your customers experience the most natural dish soap there is, at no cost to you, sign up for a account through the link below (which is affiliated with our Yaya Maria's Faire account).

Again, this comes with no unsolicited emails, no fees for buyers, a $100 voucher to spend on Yaya Maria's orders, and one year of free shipping on Yaya Maria's products, plus Net60 terms for all payments once your voucher has been used entirely.

Sign up today:



Questions?  Email us at and we'll respond quickly.

We look forward to working with you!