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Yaya Maria's

The most natural dish soap there is.

No toxic ingredients. 100% natural. Compare to any other soap.

Just 6 natural ingredients - that's it.

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Other dish soaps leave toxic residue on your dishes.

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And it really works.

Cuts through grease like no other.

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Won't dry out hands.

Enjoy soft hands thanks to all natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin.

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No more smelly dish sponge.

Keeps it smelling fresh by naturally discouraging bacteria growth.

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So much more than a dish soap.

Great for cleaning sinks, tile floors, baby bottles, pacifiers, toys & more.

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USDA Certified

100% plant-based ingredients.


Made with biodegradable ingredients.

Cruelty Free

Certified cruelty-free with Leaping Bunny.

Thousands of happy customers:

Safe and Works. No toxins or endocrine disruptors. A-rating from EWG. And it actually cuts grease. We love this and highly recommend.

Lucy W.

5 Star Soap. Everyone in the house loves it! Great soap - easy to rinse off with no residue. Also, the lavender scent is refreshing and not too strong. We are happy Yaya Maria’s customers!

Elizabeth H.

Best dish soap so much more! I tried yaya maria’s looking for a nontoxic alternative to dish soap. Now I use it all over my house to clean naturally with no worries about chemical residues left behind. Cleans great and smells absolutely wonderful... highly recommend!

Kara F.

After having been diagnosed with cancer I steer clear of anything chemical-based and that's why I love Yaya Maria's products. Zero toxins and it really works!

Matt C.

Keep your whole home toxin-free.

Hand Soap

Keeps hands soft. Washes off fast. Perfect for frequent hand washing.

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Body Wash

Hello, clean body. Bye-bye chemical residue. Washes off easier than any other body wash.

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Soap Bundle

Detox your life with one natural bundle.

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All soaps available in 3 scents: lavender, spearmint, or lemongrass.

Carbon Neutral

Made with wind energy and shipped CO2-free.

Green America

Certified environmentally and socially-conscious.

Certified Vegan

Certified vegan and cruelty-free with PETA.