No toxic chemicals. Only natural ingredients. Compare to any other dish soap.

No toxic residue on your dishes

Unlike other dish soaps, Yaya Maria's keeps your family safe: great for baby bottles, pacifiers, family dishes, and even Fido’s bowl.

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Our formula includes just 6 ingredients so natural, even your great-grandmother would understand them.

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Simply works

Cuts through grease like no other. Who knew all-natural could be so powerful?

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Won’t dry out hands

Contains vegetable glycerin, which attracts moisture, and lavender essential oil, which soothes your skin.

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  • No Animal Testing

    Certified Cruelty-Free and certified vegan.

  • Good for the Planet

    Our all-natural formula is biodegradable.

  • Get One, Give One

    Every bottle you buy helps a child in need.

  • Small Batches

    Our dish soap is handcrafted fresh in small batches with great care.

  • 30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee

    You’re gonna love it. If not, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

  • Got Questions?

    Email us and we'll respond within 24 hours (Mo-Fri, excl. holidays).

Dish Soap 3-Pack



But does it really work?

Really and truly. But no need to take our word for it. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What kinds of materials can be cleaned safely with Yaya Maria’s dish soap?

Anything you would clean with conventional dish soap: ceramic, crystal, glass, plastic, porcelain, stainless steel, wood, rubber, etc.

Is it just for doing the dishes?

Not at all! It works great as an all-purpose rinsable cleaner. It’s safe for cleaning baby bottles, toys, and breast pumps, and is great for cleaning the sink, countertop, patio furniture, stove, or microwave. Use it to pre-treat any stain that you would normally treat with conventional dish soap. And best of all, it’s gentle enough on skin to use it as your go-to hand soap… or even shower gel, if you want to go all Einstein.

Can I use Yaya Maria’s in the dishwasher?

Sorry. Dishwashers can only handle non-sudsing soaps, so you should NOT use Yaya Maria’s in the dishwasher.

Is your bottle BPA-free?


Can it be used with septic and gray-water systems?

Yes—even better than other dish soaps, actually, because it's biodegradable.

I squirted it into my dishwater, but it’s not sudsing. What’s the story?

The foamiest way to wash your dishes is to apply Yaya Maria’s directly to the dish sponge, but if squirting it into the dishwater is your style, that’s cool. The soap will still clean your dishes even without mega suds, because—did you know? Suds don’t actually do any cleaning. It’s the soap that does all the legwork. Conventional dish soaps contain cheap chemicals whose sole purpose is to foam—which may look & feel satisfying, but doesn’t actually get your dishes any cleaner. We use only natural ingredients that really work—and they lather up nicely on a sponge!

Why a 3-Pack?

So you can get more bang for your buck on shipping. Order with peace of mind thanks to our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can I take my Yaya's camping?

Absolutely.  It's actually ideal for hitting the road, because unlike other dish soaps, it's biodegradable - and multi-purpose too. When we venture out we use it as an all-in-one dish soap, hand soap, and body wash.

Dish Soap 3-Pack