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It all began with a little old lady named Maria who lived a long time ago very far away, in Greece.


One day she received the news that her grandson was born, making her a grandma (Yaya means grandma in Greek). She was so overjoyed that she decided to open up a bank account in her grandson’s name thatvery day. In the years that followed, whenever she could, she put asidea couple of dollars from her small pension for his future. This washer secret that she shared with no one, and by the time she died, she had forgotten about it.


Many years after Grandma Maria passed away, her son was sorting through a box of her belongings. To his surprise,a booklet fell out. It was the forgotten bank book of the account that she had set up for her grandson. Her son couldn’t believe his eyes. Immediately, hecalled Grandma Maria’s grandson andtold him that he had found a gift from above, sent from his late grandmother.


The young man was overwhelmed by the thoughtful deed that his grandmother had carried out without mentioning a word to anyone for all of those years. And that grandson was our founder.


Because he was in the process of starting this business when he found out about his grandmother’s generosity, he decided, in gratitude, to name the company after her. And just like she put aside some money for her young one, we donate parts of our proceeds to Big Brothers, Big Sisters, a Michigan NGO that supports children to achieve a better future, thus continuing Grandma Maria’s legacy by helping someone else’s young ones.


Yaya Maria’s LLC is certified cruelty free with Leaping Bunny, certified vegan with PETA, certified Green America for being eco-friendly, and all of our products received the best possible rating for non-toxicity by the Environmental Working Group. That’s how we do business by keeping animals and the planet safe all while helping our future generation, just like Grandma Maria's would have done.