Welcome to Yaya Maria's Wholesale Page!

Yaya Maria’s is a small family-owned business. We make high-quality soaps from 100% natural ingredients, while respecting animals, the planet, and the well-being of our customers and partners.


Our products stand out. Our dish soap is in a league of its own: the only truly natural product of its kind available on the market. Customers who are looking for a genuinely safe dish soap love Yaya Maria’s because it really works – and with zero harsh chemicals. They truly appreciate that.


As a new product on the market that is not sold in large stores, Yaya Maria’s offers a great opportunity to differentiate your store’s offerings. Customers will love getting our products from you because they won’t have to order in bulk and pay for shipping. And on top of that, we’re happy to feature you on our site’s store locator to direct our online customers to you.


Our product label has been designed to encourage in-store customers to pick up the bottle, read the ingredients, and compare Yaya Maria’s to any other dish soap. The fact that our ingredients are so easy to understand immediately creates trust with shoppers. This increases conversions and once folks fall in love with the most natural dish soap there is, they’ll come back for it over and over again.


And there's more. We've partnered with Faire to offer you these amazing terms:


We know Yaya Maria’s will be a great addition to your store. If there’s anything on your mind you would like to share or if there’s any issue that we can help you with, you can always reach out so we can help.


Take care,

Yaya Maria’s