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Yaya Maria's Quick Facts


Yaya Maria's makes the most natural soaps with just 6 whole ingredients that everyone understands. Our soaps are ideal for people who want to live healthier lives and protect the planet.


Yaya Maria's is based in Michigan, USA. Our soaps are available on our website and a number of amazing brick-and-mortar stores across the US.


Yaya Maria's (pronounced "YAH-yah mah-REE-yahz") was founded by Andy. Feel free to email him at andy [at] yayamarias [dot] com or send a message here.


Why work with us?

Here’s what you get when you carry Yaya Maria's:

  • Premium 100% natural products with ingredients everyone understands
  • Free CO2-neutral shipping to your store
  • Free CO2-neutral return shipping for closed-loop bulk containers
  • Great margins
  • No hidden fees
  • Container sizes: 16 oz or bulk one- and five gal containers
  • Reusable and returnable zero-waste refill pouches available
  • Buy-now-pay-later option at zero interest
  • Launch support to create sales on day one


        What's different about Yaya Maria's?

        Most soaps include toxic ingredients - even many soaps that market themselves as "natural":


        Natural soap bulk

        If you read the ingredient list of many other "natural" soaps, you'll find toxic chemicals like these:


        Toxic soap ingredients

        Our soap is made from just 6 all-natural ingredients that everyone understands:


        Wholesale soap

        And best of all, it really works.

        Customers around the US are discovering our all-natural soaps.

        Bulk natural soap

        Here's what they have to say:

        wholesale natural soap

        wholesale cleaner

        nontoxic soap wholesale


        Why customers buy Yaya Maria's again and again

        We make premium liquid soap always fresh in small batches using 100% natural ingredients.

        Our certifications speak for themselves:

        • Best-rated for non-toxicity by EWG here and here.
        • Cruelty-free certified with Leaping Bunny.
        • Vegan-certified with PETA.
        • Naturewatch Foundation endorsed.
        • Green America certified for being environmentally and socially-conscious.
        • USDA-certified 100% Biobased (independently lab-tested by the University of Georgia), meaning this soap is made entirely from plants, with zero petrochemicals.

          Wholesale soap

          We run a small family-owned business while respecting animals, the planet, and the well-being of our customers and partners.


          Wholesale bulk soap values

           Read more about our values here.


           Closed loop refill soap

          We offer bulk containers that come with a closed-loop program to protect the planet and reduce waste.

          Alternatively, if you already have a container that you would like to refill we carry all of our soaps in refill pouches.

          The pouches come with a return envelope and a free shipping label.

          All you need to do is fold the empty pouch, place it inside the prepared envelope, and hand it over to your mail carrier.

          Easy as that.


          Yaya Maria's will fly off your shelves

          If you want to learn more about our products and prices email us at info [at] yayamarias [dot] com or use this contact form to get access to our wholesale site. 

          We'll answer any questions you might have and we'll send you a password for easy online ordering.

          Looking forward to hearing from you,

          - Your Yaya Maria’s team


          bulk soap refills


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