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How to Wash Dishes During Coronavirus

by Yaya Maria |

How to Wash Dishes During Coronavirus

Wondering how to wash dishes when a member of your household has been infected with the coronavirus? This post is for you.

Here’s what to do.

Washing dishes coronavirus

8 Steps for washing dishes during coronavirus

1. Put on rubber gloves before handling dishes that the infected person handled.

2. Use a separate dish sponge, too.

3. Remove leftover food.

4. Lather up dishes with dish soap. According to the Harvard Public School of Health, any dish soap works great for removing the virus (but we recommend this one because it’s our favorite).

5. Rinse the dishes with hot water.

6. If you want to go the extra mile, here’s one more step.

According to the CDC, wiping surfaces with a 70% alcohol solution is sufficient to kill the virus.

Wipe your dishes with the alcohol solution and let it sit for at least 30 seconds.

7. Rinse dishes with clean water after 30 seconds to remove the disinfectant.

8. Set those dishes aside to air dry separately, and save them for the coronavirus patient’s next meal.

Done – and that’s how you do the dishes when a member of your household has the coronavirus.

What else should you do?

The best things to do is to listen to the experts’ recommendations.

The CDC has provided the following steps:

- Understand how the virus spreads and avoid exposure.

- Clean your hands frequently.

- Stay at home as much as possible to avoid close contact with others.

- Wear a mask when around other people.

- Cover coughs and sneezes.

- Clean and disinfect surfaces frequently with a disinfectant such as a 70% alcohol solution.

According to several studies, 40-50% of all infections remain asymptomatic.

This means that if you’re among the lucky folks who don’t show any symptoms, keep in mind that you will still spread the disease.

If that’s the case, following the CDC recommendations i.e. avoiding physical contact with others and wearing a mask, is still vital.

That applies especially to children living in a household with a coronavirus patient.

A study of over 700 infected children showed that 56% displayed mild or no symptoms at all.

Despite that, kids will still spread the virus and therefore should self-quarantine to prevent this from happening.

Over to you

If you follow the steps outlined in this post, you’ll know how to keep your dishes safe and clean during the coronavirus crisis.

Ready to learn more?

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