Natural Soap Bundle (3-Pack)

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We pride ourselves for making the most natural soap there is!

Our trial pack includes one natural hand soap (16 fl oz), one natural body wash (16 fl oz), and one natural dish soap bottle (25 fl oz).

All of our soaps are made of just 6 ingredients that are 100% safe: distilled water, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, potash, castor oil, and lavender essential oil. That's it... and they really work!

Each soap has been carefully formulated to ensure it gets the job done.

While our dish soap is gentle on hands it also removes tough grease.

Our hand soap and body wash are even gentler and have been carefully designed to protect your skin while removing natural oils and dirt.

All of our soaps come with a unique set of features:

  • Keep skin soft
  • Never dry out skin
  • Perfect for frequent washing
  • No chemical residue on skin
  • Wash off clean
  • Non-itchy
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Zero toxins
  • No phthalates or parabens
  • No sulphates or petrochemicals
  • No artificial fragrances or colors
  • Only plant-based ingredients
  • Mild scent
  • Biodegradable
  • Great for the whole family
  • Never tested on animals
  • Certified vegan & cruelty-free
  • 30-day-money-back guarantee
  • Made fresh in small batches
  • Suitable for septic tanks
  • Packaging is recyclable
  • Production creates zero waste to landfill
  • Made in USA using wind energy
  • Friendly customer service
  • Fast shipping
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